Best Mobile Phone Deals

Consumer Reports provides ratings to make selecting a smartphone easier.

If you are in the market for a new phone, the best mobile phone deals tend to occur during September for iPhones and January for Samsung phones – though discounts can often be found year-round.

Boost Mobile

Although Boost Mobile may lack some of the bells and whistles associated with larger carriers, it still offers affordable plans on a reliable network. This prepaid carrier uses Sprint’s network for coverage; occasionally assisted by DISH Wireless parent company DISH Network as needed.

Boost stands out as an industry leader when it comes to offering affordable unlimited data plans, currently starting at $25 monthly and guaranteed to stay with new customers for “forever”. Other discount carriers, including Mint Mobile and Visible have begun offering similar plans but few can match Boost’s affordable prices.

Boost doesn’t charge overage fees, but deprioritizes data when its network becomes busy – just like its parent company T-Mobile does – which is an effective way of avoiding overage charges without compromising speed of your service. Plus, add-on services such as HD BuyUp and Todo Mexico allow customers to stream movies and TV shows at an additional $10 monthly cost; all making them attractive options for prepaid smartphone users.

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile is an affordable wireless plan option from T-Mobile that offers unlimited data plans as well as free hotspot data plans. They also offer add-on services like Binge On and Music Freedom to enhance their customers’ experiences even further.

T-Mobile plans differ from many major cellular providers in that they do not feature data caps that would reduce speed during high traffic times; however, depending on which plan you select data may be prioritized or prioritized during congestion or busy areas.

Metro by T-Mobile provides an impressive selection of smartphones from Apple to Samsung at highly competitive rates and has many attractive free phone deals available. Furthermore, with convenient retail locations throughout the U.S. and financing available for phones – Metro makes buying your next phone easy!


AT&T is one of the major US cell phone carriers, offering an expansive selection of plans with high data caps, fast speeds, and excellent coverage. Their 5G network also makes their plans highly sought-after by consumers looking for cost savings; alternatively there are MVNOs operating over AT&T towers to offer more advantageous pricing plans for consumers looking for alternative options.

AT&T plans designed for heavy data users include their Unlimited Extra and Premium plans, each offering an assortment of features and add-ons. Verizon outshines AT&T when it comes to extra content inclusion such as Disney+, Hulu Plus, Apple Music Arcade & Google Play access. Alternatively, AT&T Connect 2.5GB Prepaid plans offer more specific details; with hard data caps of 2.5 GB per month while still preserving 128kbps access beyond your limit.

Google Fi

Google Fi is an innovative pre-paid carrier offering cutting-edge phones at unbeatably affordable prices. Unlike traditional prepaid carriers, Fi is an MVNO that operates on T-Mobile’s network and also has roaming partnerships with Sprint and US Cellular to keep prices as competitive as possible.

Under its innovative billing structure, customers pay only for the data they consume – including free international calling and high-speed mobile hotspot access.

There’s also a referral program and the option of upgrading to a new Pixel phone after two years for extra savings, but Pixel Pass subscription costs can add up quickly ($45 for Pixel 6, $55 for the Pixel 6 Pro), as can two-year device protection with Preferred Care. Before signing on with Fi, be sure to do your research first – test out Fi for several months first before making your decision!

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