Best Tax Software For Small Businesses

If you’re looking for the best tax software for small businesses, you’ve come to the right place. TurboTax and Liberty Tax are among the most popular choices, but there are also several other options that are worth considering. These programs are easy to use and offer a variety of features. In addition, these packages offer excellent customer support. However, these programs are also more expensive than other similar tax software programs.

Drake Tax

Drake Tax is a software suite that is specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Its extensive feature set includes tax forms for partnerships, estates, trusts, and tax-exempt organizations. Users can import documents from other programs and file their returns online. Once their returns have been prepared, they can review their calculations to ensure they have the correct information. Additionally, Drake Tax allows users to save and share notes for tax forms and returns.

Drake Tax is one of the best tax software options available on the market today. This powerful software is easy to use and provides an extensive set of features that make the process easier for business owners and accountants. Users can import data from other sources, which makes tax planning easier and saves time. It also allows users to easily access archived information, which means they can prevent mistakes that might lead to rejections from the IRS.


While TaxSlayer is a good choice for the average tax payer, it is not designed for complicated tax situations. It offers a free tier for users with only W-2 income and educational expenses, but the system’s capabilities are limited. For example, the Free tier doesn’t let you use the Child Tax Credit or Earned Income Tax Credit. If you plan to file state and federal taxes or use HSAs or Dependent Care Credits, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium or Self-Employed packages.

When you sign up for TaxSlayer, you’ll be asked to enter your email address and a mobile phone number. The system will then determine your income, expenses, deductions, and credits. This will help you maximize your refund, and it will automatically notify you when the IRS accepts your taxes. Another great feature is that it offers a 100% refund guarantee, and it doesn’t charge any upfront fees. This means that you won’t have to worry about out of pocket fees, and you’ll never be penalized for a mistake.


TurboTax is a tax software program that prepares your federal and state tax returns. The software offers a variety of features, including live chat, phone support, and section review. It also offers the option to hire a certified tax professional to review your return. TurboTax also offers free federal e-file.

TurboTax offers four different plans, and pricing changes depending on your tax situation. You can find several discount offers, but they tend to disappear by the end of the tax season. TurboTax also offers a free tier, but it doesn’t offer as many features.

Liberty Tax

The software offers a wide array of features. For example, it has a 100 percent accuracy guarantee. You can also import past returns to speed up the process. Liberty Tax also covers IRS penalties for math errors. You can complete your return in less than 15 minutes. And, it has an in-person help service if you get stuck.

The software also features live chat and priority support for questions. Like the other tax software, it also guarantees the accuracy of the final product. Unlike the free version, it also covers penalties assessed by the IRS.

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