How Reliable Is Remote CX work?

Businesses can improve their telecom CX and digital experience of delivering the best customer support practices by hiring a remote workforce. With the outbreak of a pandemic, business processes have learned to adapt to the changing workforce needs and changing customer demands. While it has been observed that employees yearn to be back to normalcy, it is also true that they like working from the comfort of their homes.

People have adapted to working styles that suit their safety. It is important to note that CX agents working from home will deliver better results as flexible work hours and comfort play a major role in workforce productivity. Staycation is the new term for people working while vacationing. Remote CX agents ensure constant support, telesales, and customer grievance handling while they are working remotely. These processes can be easily tracked and managed via integrations and software. As a business you may outsource contact centres to handle voice and non-voice processes, however, you can save huge costs hereby handling a CX team that is pre-trained and is easy to manage. Based on business changes you may also change the number of CX agents required by ramping up or down the agent force.

CX processes with respect to managing customer queries, email support, product support assistance, and chatbot support have to meet increasing customer experience expectations. Thus businesses must find remote CX workers to be most reliable where work and business continuity is guaranteed irrespective of challenging conditions like pandemics, geographical conditions, and heavy training expenses.

A home-based work-model gives more value to a business in terms of saving high costs as opposed to traditional contact centres. Training costs and other capital expenditures with respect to infrastructure can be saved to a magnanimous extent. Thus, it is fairly accurate to say that remote work is reliable for customer support, after-sales, up-sell, and handling general queries of existing, new, and upcoming customers.

A wider talent pool can be ensured by businesses where changing roles among new CX agent hires can be done based on skill-sets and past training performances. You may assign an experienced CX agent to handle a higher tier of customers, while a fresher can be available for the rest of your customer base where they can thrive easily with limited or low-level support requirements. In both cases be it a fresher or a seasoned expert, VOIZ ensures that the agents you hire to work for your company are pre-trained and have enough knowledge to learn, adapt and execute various CX support services towards your customers and clients.

These remote agents have an option to interact and communicate with the team members to ensure all actionable items, pending tickets and processes are being worked upon and streamlined continuously. They may track their performance via the dashboard access provided by VOIZ. All in all, we may conclude here that the importance of remote workforce culture is growing day by day and that companies can move to work with remote CX agents at huge costs. As a business, you can always rely on marketplaces like Voiz that will provide you with the right CX agents that fit your business project requirements, sales, marketing and other support processes.

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