Internet – Explained

The Internet is a broad network that connects computers all around the globe. Through the Internet people can communicate to other people and share data from anywhere with an Internet connection available. The Internet has become the hub of the information exchange around the globe and the fastest growing communication medium. For many people, the Internet is the one stop shop for shopping, communicating with friends and colleagues and surfing the net. There are many reasons as to why the Internet is growing in popularity and is considered to be the next Napster or MySpace.

One of the biggest advantages of having an Internet connection is being able to connect computers from any part of the world to each other. This enables people to share and learn more about a particular topic at any time. For example, the Internet provides forums and chat rooms for people to discuss politics, religion and global issues. Since the Internet was established, it has been made possible for people to share and learn more through websites, email and file sharing. Because of its vast and varied networks, the Internet can provide you with a quick and efficient means of communication.

Computers are connected to the Internet using different protocols. Some of these protocols are the ICMP packets that are sent and received by computers on different parts of the computer network. Another of the protocols is the TCP/IP which connects the various computers on the network to each other. The third one is Bluetooth, which enables the devices like mobile phones to communicate with computers. Then there is VoIP, which is the method of making telephone calls over the Internet. These are the different types of protocols that connect different computers using the internet.

The Internet also makes it easy for us to use our e-mails. E-mail basically allows us to store files, send electronic mail and collaborate with other people. There are different types of e-mail protocols, which connect the different parts of the Internet. SMTP, POP3, IMAP and DIGG are some of the commonly used e-mail protocols. The most widely used IMAP is the Microsoft Exchange Server. With an Exchange Server, it is very easy for a user to access and store the e-mail on the server and from there, he or she can access the mail as needed and even delete it.

Another widely used tool on the Internet is the web browser. The web browser is installed with the operating system of the computer and allows the user to browse the internet. Most web browsers have the JavaScript language which enables it to interact with the web page. The JavaScript code is what enables the web page to display properly on the screen of the computer. To make web pages interactive, JavaScript is used.

An internet connection is necessary for anyone to surf the web. But there are certain things that should be taken note before one goes on to use the internet. First of all, it is important that you get a good broadband connection if you want to surf the web. Secondly, you need a browser such as the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Netscape Navigator for Internet applications.

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