PHP Vs Python

PHP vs. Python is a debate that has been simmering on the web for quite some time now. Both platforms are really a great choice for web development and provide a good mix of power, speed and affordability.

There have been many articles written to point out PHP vs. Python. The fact is that this debate goes back to way before websites were created, as earlier versions of Python and PHP were already out there. However, over the past few years, both these platforms have rapidly evolved and today, they are similar enough that you don’t even need to look any further than the World Wide Web to find the answers to the question PHP vs. Python.

When you start digging deeper into the arguments, you’ll see that the main differences between PHP and Python, if not completely resolved, at least greatly reduced the quality of a lot of things for a lot of users. The biggest complaint about PHP is that it runs slow and scripts sometimes just hang and you need to restart the website every time.

On the other hand, Python runs really fast and scripts seem to run smoothly almost all the time. PHP is also limited in that it’s only possible to put some basic html tags on the page, but once you get beyond this, you’re in the same boat with both platforms.

The biggest advantage of using Python for your website is the ability to develop a web application very quickly and easily. And because you can open source any new feature added to the framework, you get quick access to bug fixes and new features that may not be available in the main platforms.

Unlike PHP, you can add your own software and applications into the framework with more ease. Because PHP is more complex, you may find that you can’t actually add the software or application that you want without rewriting it in a way that would not run on the platform.

The biggest disadvantage of using Python for your website is that there is no support for CSS or JavaScript. You also have to be careful that the extension comes from a well known developer, otherwise you will probably run into issues.

Both these platforms offer you the best of what the web offers. If you are developing a new website for business, PHP can be a great fit, but if you are trying to create a simple personal website, or a blog, then you may want to go with Python.

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