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Snapchat – What You Need to Know

Snapchat is like many other services; it offers you a neat application to save the images and videos taken by your camera. But since the applications are very easy to use, lots of people are using it for fun. However, there are some very real dangers that people can face if they become careless with Snapchat.

It’s pretty common knowledge that Snapchat doesn’t share information with third parties and so there is no need to worry about getting that or any information via the application. The truth is, however, that third parties are very active when it comes to harvesting certain information. Some information, such as GPS data is sold to advertisers. Other information such as location data and Internet history is sold to marketers.

Performing a criminal-background check on an applicant to a job can be fairly simple. Snapchat also has its own API, which gives potential clients access to the address history of a user. It is this information that’s being sold to advertisers, meaning it’s quite likely that advertisers have your information. While this may not be so damaging to you right now, imagine how much money this could be making off you if you become unemployed.

HipChat is probably the most widely used messaging app in the United States and Australia, so it is important to understand the issues surrounding HipChat privacy. HipChat includes the ability to send files and chat on the service. But, HipChat does not allow the sharing of photos, videos, or other content.

HipChat is the only messaging application that is available globally. This means that if you are an Australian citizen, then you are allowed to chat with people from around the world. If you download Snapchat to a phone from outside of Australia, however, then Snapchat becomes a potential issue. This applies not just to HipChat users, but to users of Snapchat itself.

Applications such as Skype and Facebook Messenger are no longer available in certain countries, so there are very good reasons why they are not shared with third parties. Whilst users will never need to share their messages with third parties, it does mean that they cannot read messages that have been sent to them through Skype or Facebook Messenger. It is not recommended to use these applications unless you want to see the messages that you send to other people, as they are usually quite private.

Snapchat is very similar to high school. The first few weeks are a time of experimentation and peer pressure, until all the students realize what is right and wrong. However, Snapchat is a platform where kids have access to images and videos that they could never have obtained in school.

In order to protect yourself and your children from the dangers of Snapchat, it is essential to keep their internet history and location clear of users who may be looking to access your information. If you are concerned about someone finding out that you are using Snapchat, then you should always log out after sending messages and use a PIN. And, always update your Snapchat account to the latest version.

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