Technology Education Subjects in Ireland

Technology education is a subject taught in both the junior and senior cycles of the Irish school system. There are two levels in this subject, foundation level and advanced level. The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment is responsible for the production of syllabuses and teacher guidelines, while the State Examinations Commissions prepare assessment materials and examination scripts. These bodies also publish results and statistical data for technology subjects. The Association of Technology Teachers and the Engineering Technology Teachers Association are two non-governmental organizations that promote education in these subjects.

Continuing education requirements may include the introduction to technology education, which is designed for public school teachers. The course introduces contemporary ideas and methods in the technology classroom, and also prepares students for their field service requirement. The course is offered every semester and includes lectures and tutorials, and is designed to prepare students for the field service requirement. The course emphasizes the use of simple drawing tools and rapid visualization, and is intended to prepare students for more advanced courses in mechanical drawing, drafting, and illustration.

The researchers conducted the study by interviewing fifteen practicing teachers. The participants were chosen to represent the various regions of Ireland. Each participant had to be a qualified technology teacher and teach at the lower-secondary and higher-secondary levels. They ranged in age from 26 to 53 years. The study also sought to investigate the role of technology education teachers in shaping technology education. These teachers may not be aware that the impact of their teaching on student learning is reflected in their own perceptions.

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