The Pros and Cons of Ethical Hacking

For ethical hackers, ethical hacking is nothing but performing the job the right way. As the name itself suggests, ethical hacking is a code of conduct to be followed by an ethical hacker. An ethical hacker is someone who performs any work within the guidelines laid down by the hacker community.

Ethical hacking has been practiced since the beginning of computerization. In fact, it’s a way of life for many hackers and information security professionals. On the Internet, no matter what you do, you are sure to get into trouble. If you are a hacker or information security professional, it’s essential that you adhere to the ethical standards of hacking.

So, if hackers can do anything they want in cyberspace, then why should we adhere to their code of ethics? The reason why we have a code of ethics is because hackers, once they see something that they like, they want to be the first one to get hold of it. While most of us are too lazy to go on stealing sites and information, we also don’t like to get caught red handed.

For an ethical hacker, there are few things that they have to do. First of all, they have to be observant when they are observing someone else, and when they are not. They also have to be observant about what is going on around them so that they know when to report a case.

Secondly, an ethical hacker is someone who is keen to follow up on his actions. If they see a person stealing or doing something that is against the code of ethics, they have to report it. They have to see to it that the person gets punished for the wrongdoing.

Moreover, ethical hacking has made way for many computer information security professionals. Many companies are willing to pay the hackers in order to have their secrets kept confidential. Many individuals who know how to hack into a computer system can be very lucrative.

For ethical hackers, the actual process of hacking is not as tough as what most people think. In fact, they just need to read the codes and ethics of the hackers that they know of. Some of the most prominent and best hackers have gotten this job through attending courses. In fact, many of the hackers that you will find online can be found through their profiles on message boards.

These hackers will actually post their favorite websites and any other sites that they find interesting. When you visit their profiles, you can immediately have access to the site that they are trying to hack into. Thus, they are called ‘hackers’ because of their activities in the online world.

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