Top 5 Free Photo Editing Software Programs on the App Store

Whether you’re looking to edit a photo for personal use or you’re looking to create a design for a business or organization, there are many free photo editing software programs out there to choose from. Here are a few that you might want to consider.


Whether you’re creating an album cover or designing a postcard, PiZap has all the tools you need. This free photo editing software has a variety of features, including a collage maker, stickers, and filters. It also offers a variety of layout designs and photo frames, and can be used on both a desktop and mobile device.

It’s easy to use and offers a wide range of tools and effects. The collage maker is especially useful for creating fun collages. PiZap has hundreds of colorful stickers. It also offers filters and backgrounds, and includes over 1000 collage styles.

The photo editor also includes a timeline-style undo list, which lets you jump back and forth to a few edits at once. It also includes a zoom tool, a text box, and a paint tool.

ACDSee Photo Studio

Using ACDSee Photo Studio, you can edit your photos without damaging the original. This photo editor provides an easy-to-use interface and a host of ready-to-use tools. You can fix damage to your photos and apply a variety of effects to your images. You can even turn your photos into artworks!

ACDSee’s photo editor allows you to add text and watermarks to your images. You can also add borders, fix red eye and blurriness, and handle geometric imperfections with rotation and cropping tools. The program also offers a variety of post-processing tools to enhance color.

The Photo Editor’s interface includes a top toolbar with features, a bottom filmstrip with images, and a History pane that shows a complete editing journey. You can also drill down to specific views for day, month, and year. You can also click on a specific edit to return to it.


Whether you are looking to create a picture or just want to edit your old one, you can find plenty of photo editing software on the App Store. However, there is one app that stands out from the rest.

It is called BeFunky. This photo editing tool is free, but it comes with some features you will not find elsewhere. These include the photo to art, the collage maker, and the graphic design section. It is also packed with fun goodies.

The collage maker is a surprisingly powerful feature that will help you make beautiful collages. You can use one of five different sets of layouts or create your own. There are also plenty of free patterns to choose from.


Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer or an avid amateur, GIMP free photo editing software has something to offer you. It is easy to learn and can produce excellent results quickly. You will need to put some time into learning the ropes, though.

GIMP is free and runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It is compatible with a number of image formats, including RAW. It also offers a variety of tools and features for image retouching and composition. The software offers a variety of filters, including gradients, layer masks, and more. It also supports third party plugins.

The GIMP free photo editing software boasts 150 filters, including a dazzling selection of layer effects. It also includes a plethora of tools, including gradients, a masking tool, a healing tool, and a noise reduction tool.

Pixlr X

Whether you are looking for photo editing software for personal use or business, Pixlr X offers a great variety of photo manipulation options. Its one-click tools make it easy to get professional results, and the software is designed to work smoothly, even on mobile devices.

Pixlr X offers users a wide range of photo editing tools, including layers and overlays, text tools, and effects. It also allows users to adjust colors, white balance, and saturation. You can also apply vignette effects to photos. In addition to the features mentioned above, you can also add filters and effects, crop pictures, and apply borders.

Pixlr offers a free 30-day trial that you can use to try out the software. You can download the app for your PC or mobile device, and you can also install the Chrome extension.


Founded by Melanie Perkins in 2012, Canva is a web-based image editor that provides users with a variety of templates, graphic elements, and a host of free filters and animations to help them design professional-looking visuals. But, before you rush out and sign up, there are some pros and cons to keep in mind.

Canva offers a free version, but it doesn’t include the most important features. In addition to the free versions, Canva offers a pro version that adds many features, including custom dimensions, video editing, and a robust library of stock media.

While Canva’s free service is great, it’s not suitable for large design projects. Canva also lacks integrations and backup options, and it doesn’t support exporting to Adobe Photoshop’s PSD format.

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