What Is a Gadget?

Gadgets are anything ingenious or a human invention. Gadgets can be called either gizmos or devices. In other words, they are useful articles used for the benefit of man. Gadgets have evolved and have been developed to cater every individual’s requirement and tastes.

What exactly is a gadget? According the Merriam Webster’s dictionary a gadget is an inborn artificial device made for personal use. A further extension of this definition is to mean something manufactured chiefly for the benefit of man. Gadgets can be called either electronic devices or human inventions. In other words, a gadget can be a device that does not necessarily function like a car, refrigerator, sewing machine etc but one that are specifically designed for the benefit of the user.

Gadgets come in various shapes, sizes and forms. Some gadgets are meant to be kept and used by the user while others are designed to be installed in specific places. Some gadgets are even designed to work on an embedded platform such as a cellular tower or a computer network etc. Gadgets help us in our every day activities and they are the greatest invention till date.

Gadgets come in different categories according to their functionality. The most common gadgets in this category are the digital camera, mp3 player, laptop, computer, iPad etc. Other than these there are other devices such as cell phone, which can also be considered as a gadget. A gadget can also be considered a software program or a utility. The utilities are meant to enhance the functioning of the gadget. A digital camera is considered a utility tool whereas a cellular phone is considered a software tool.

There are several new and upcoming phones that are being launched every year with many innovative features. These include the Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, infrared and many more technologies. All these features have changed the way we live our lives and work. We now can do our work on the go or at home while traveling. Our appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, microwaves and other kitchen gadgets are the result of these hi-tech gadgets.

But there are some old widgets or trinkets which are still found in our household to this very day. In fact, these old widgets are considered as our gadgets as they help us in our every day functions. One such old widget is the door knocker which is found in our households. They are so old that even if they are replaced with a new one; they will not look out of place. There are many more widgets that are considered to be our gadgets. According to the dictionary; a gadget can be anything portable, self-contained, apparatus connected to a body for special purposes and/or intended only for a short time usage.

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