What is the Google Wear OS?z

Google is launching a smartwatch and called it the Google Wear OS. The Wear OS enables users to send text messages, e-mails, share their location via GPS, or access data from applications such as Yelp, Foursquare, and YouTube. Google is positioning the Wear OS as the third ecosystem after Android and iOS. To further emphasize this, they are going to offer $100 million in funding to start up and established wearable device companies.

Smartwatches will enable users to send instant messages to other people without using a phone. They can surf the web, watch videos and check Twitter all from one screen. The Wear OS is going to be bundled with Google apps and Google services such as Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Talk.

Google is making the announcement as an attempt to secure its position as a dominant search engine. The company has been aggressively diversifying into various business sectors and Internet related products. The Google Watch gives Google a unique place within the market for it to place itself at the forefront of any new trend.

Google’s latest watches are not pre-installed with Google apps and services. They have to be downloaded separately. What you get is a complete personalized operating system. It will be running on a customized version of Android with Google apps and tools pre-installed.

You can also add your own applications by buying a separate piece of the OS. You can easily do this through the Play Store, which is an app store owned by Google. There are some basic apps that come pre-installed but the Play Store are loaded with many more which are available for a small price.

Google will make use of the operating system to expand their existing services. Other than the new Google apps, they are also adding photo sharing, hotel searching, and trivia games for the users. The smartwatch will allow the user to track their calories. All the data will be stored on the watch and all the applications need to be linked to the Google account.

Some applications that are available on the Play Store include translation apps for countries outside of the United States. These applications use the Google translation API. This is a free service and is available in 14 languages. You can also use the feature to convert text into a foreign language.

The Google Wear OS is only available to select developers right now. Google is currently accepting applications for review, which will last until March of this year. It is expected that they will be available for public download later this year. Google has recently raised over $5 billion, which suggests that they are on the right track.

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