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Why Companies Use Social Media?

Social media are mostly digital interactive technology which allow the generation or sharing/exchange/interaction of relevant information, ideas, careers, interests, and various other types of human expression through virtual communities and online networks. Social Media has been defined as a relatively new and emergent technological innovation which has affected each and every aspect of our lives and business in recent years. Nowadays, we can find people all over the world using Social Media in their every day lives. It has become a potent marketing tool as well. Social Media provides users with the ability to interact with one another and share personal thoughts, experiences and useful tips or information through the means of” Discussion Boards” or” Message Board”.

Social media is also used by companies to generate news and information and reach out to the public. By creating a dedicated or general “Communities” through Social Media, the companies get the opportunity to reach out to a larger section of people and create an image of a trustworthy image for their brand. In this manner, Social Media has turned out to be an important and a vital marketing tool for the companies. However, Social Media has its own set of challenges and Pitfalls. Here are some of the most common Social Media Pitfalls:

Social Media generally uses a personal level approach and does not involve any form of moderation. When you post a comment on any of the social networking sites, it remains visible to everyone who sees that particular post. A person who is logged into their account may also be able to view the comments written by another user. Therefore, even a sincere or a neutral opinion cannot be expressed in these comments. Therefore, any form of Social Media communication has a potential to become a source of Internet harassment. In some cases, the use of abusive language or any other kind of inappropriate content can lead to legal action.

Social media engagement is the term used to define the process by which users interact with and form relationships with each other through various channels. The most popular form of Social Media engagement is through Facebook and Twitter. The major problem with these two forms of social networks is that it makes it possible for any user to post any type of statement they like, thus making it a problem in terms of moderation. Thus, if a company wishes to effectively use social media and engage its consumers, it is important that the company sets some rules before it starts engaging itself in the various media.

Social media is web-based and therefore requires moderation unlike traditional media. Web-based media involves a lot of sharing of information and a single post can go viral very quickly. However, web-based social media also has a responsibility to take responsibility of the content it disseminates. Some web-based services such as Twitter have their rules and regulations which prohibit the use of hate speech, violence, discrimination and other behaviors that could negatively affect the user base. The major reason behind the popularity of Twitter is its ease of use and there is no requirement of any particular skill to use it.

However, there are a few social networking websites that do have their rules and regulations that a company needs to follow. This will ensure that the website follows the various rules of social media sites and protects its users from any type of abuse. For instance, on MySpace a company has to get a META description about themselves and comply with certain rules and regulations. This is one way by which companies ensure that they are not taking part in activities that could negatively affect their user base.

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